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FAQ’s About Sunkist Shutters, Blinds & Shades


Sunkist Shutters Blinds and Shades always strives to make sure customers are well informed. With that, here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive and hopefully they answer some questions of your own....

Not sure what type of window treatments you want/need?

Things to take into consideration: Budget, compatibility, functionality, look, privacy.

Q: Can Sunkist help me select the right products?

Answer: Yes! Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the choices available and ask the right questions, to help you create a personalized and distinctive look that fits your lifestyle, your functional needs and your budget. In addition, we can help you select colors, textures and finishes that complement your interior décor beautifully. Our staff will walk you through the decision-making process, gathering information to help you find the perfect solution.

Q: What type of window coverings do you recommend for energy efficiency?

Answer: Nowadays, many manufacturers address energy efficiency in today’s window fashions. A product such as the shutter, which can block out light, can also reduce incoming heat or trap cool air in. Another, softer option is the cellular shade which can come in a one to three cell design in multiple sizes and densities. The more cells you have and the stronger the opacity, then the more efficient the shade can be.

Q: What types of coverings can I put on my specialty shaped windows? (Example: Arched windows)

Answer: The best option for a specialty window is a shutter. They can be made into almost any shape and can keep the integrity and beauty that specialty shapes add to a room. Other options exist depending on the window such as cellular shades or faux wood blinds.

Q: What are my window covering options for a slider window?

Answer: Slider windows are not limited to vertical blinds alone. While vertical blinds may be the most popular and economical option, you can put a wide range of styles on a sliding glass door such as shutters, which slide on a tract or cellular shades that can be mounted to slide vertically. Vertical blinds can be fabric wrapped for an elegant and softer look, and functioning clothed panels are also very beautiful. Alternatively, you can mount a horizontal product such as a shade that can function as two separate blinds so you can access the door. 


Have questions about Shutters?

Q: What is the difference between real wood and faux wood shutters?

Answer: Traditional custom shutters come in a hardwood material that can be painted or stained. Just like quality custom furniture and cabinets have always been made with wood, custom shutters are no different. Sunkist Shutters use real wood named Basswood sometimes known as Lindenwood and Madera de Tilo. It is the industry’s best material for shutters. It’s lightweight and stays true (meaning no warping over time). The faux wood shutter is made of a PVC material and/or Vinyl that is extruded in several white shades. While most faux wood shutters can have a slim hollow design, it is water resistant, fire retardant, and scratch & dent proof.

Have questions about Blinds?

Q: What’s the difference between faux wood and real wood blinds?

Answer: Real wood blinds are typically made of basswood, a hardwood that stains very nicely. There are some other woods available such as cedar and pine that have unique grains and/or knots that add to the beauty of the product. Faux wood blinds are made of PVC and can have the appearance of real wood. They come in shades of white as well as some popular “wood” tones that can coordinate with your décor. Faux woods are typically less expensive than real wood, but can be a bit heavier when lifting them.

Q: When are faux wood blinds preferred over real wood?

Answer: Faux Wood Blinds are made from high quality PVC or a combination of PVC and wood. In white or off whites our faux-wood blinds are difficult to tell from real wood. In wood tones, we offer very realistic colors that will match most trim. Faux-wood is a great choice for areas of high moisture such as bathrooms and over kitchen sinks. Many people are surprised to learn that faux wood is heavier that real wood so they can be harder to raise when used on large windows.

Have questions about Shades?

Q:What is the difference between all the different window shade options?

Answer: With window shades it all really comes down to preference and what look/feel you are trying to achieve in your home or that specific room. Most shades are “all or nothing” in regards to views and lighting, however there are options where you can raise and lower the tops as well as the bottoms of a shade. Please see our shades page for a better description of what each style shade has to offer. This is a perfect example of how our Free In-home Consultations can be beneficial to our customers to use that time and go over what style window treatments will work best for each home.

Q: Why doesn't my shade cover the entire window opening?

Answer: Depending on the style of shade you purchase, there is an allowance of 1/2 inch on each side of the shade on an inside mount to allow for the shade hardware.

Q: What is the difference between inside mount and outside mount window treatment?

Answer: An inside mount is when the blind, shade, or shutter fits inside of the window opening. Mounting as an inside mount generally has a cleaner, neater look. An outside mount is when the shutter, blind or shade is mounted above and around the window frame, and can be used if there isn’t enough depth to mount the product inside the opening. Sliding glass doors and wood cased shallow windows are popular outside mount choices.

Have questions about the purchase process?

Q: How does the window covering purchasing process work?

Answer: A member of our staff will make an appointment to come to your home to assist you with specific selections and to professionally measure your windows. We take a deposit when you place your order, then one of our installation technicians will come out to your home in as little as a few days to install your beautiful new window coverings. We make the window covering process as easy as possible.

Q: How do your prices compare?

Answer: On comparable products, our prices are typically well below big box stores like Lowe's and Home Depot prices and usually better than our local competition... And since we don't charge for quotes you can feel at ease in giving us a try to see for yourself. Also, as a window covering specialty company we have a highly trained staff that enables us to provide you a high level of professional personal service in your home, saving you both time and money.

Q: How long does it take to get my window treatments in and installed?

Answer: Most window treatments are in and installed within 1-2 weeks from date of order confirmation and receipt of deposit. Some blinds and shades may be rush ordered (*extra fees may apply). Shutters vary between 3 and 8 weeks depending on options chosen when designed. Once you place your order, Sunkist Shutters Blinds and Shades will keep you updated every step of the way so you know what to expect about the installation date.

Q: Do you offer installation service? Who installs my window treatments?

Answer: Yes, we offer installation service. Sunkist Shutters, Blinds, Shades has a great installation team. We are very particular about our installers. We have persons that are experienced, clean, and the kind of person you can feel comfortable having in your home. The owner personally is on hand for most large jobs and always supervises window treatment installations. The excellent work of our installers is part of the reason why Sunkist Shutters is so successful.

Q: Is there an additional charge for Installation?

Answer: All quote prices include installation unless we specify before your order is placed.

Q: What are your payment options?

Answer: We accept cash and checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. A 50% deposit is required to begin each order.

Q: Why do you need to do the measuring even though I gave you my window measurements?

Answer: Window fashions are more complex than one might think. Many questions arise when we come to your home about how you will use your window coverings, how often you will operate them, whether you have children or pets in the home, what furniture might be placed in front of the window, etc. Sunkist Shutters Blinds and Shades knows how to ask the right questions to make sure your window treatments function for optimal performance and ease of use. With many window treatments, exact (and knowledgeable) measuring and installation are critical, especially for inside mount situations and especially with hard, fitted products such as shutters. A measuring job done inaccurately can end up costing you lots of money if window coverings don’t fit correctly. In addition, many homes have imperfections in window shape or protrusions that an expert installer can address up front to prevent window treatment problems later.

You have new Window Treatments... Now what...

Q: What is the best way to clean and maintain my window coverings?

Answer: Most shutters and blinds should be cleaned with a soft dry dusting method or vacuumed with a soft brush attachment on a regular basis. For deep cleaning, we recommend an outside service that does ultrasonic cleaning of your blind. However, as each window covering is very different, we will be happy to give you detail instructions upon installation, so you can be sure you are taking care of your products properly.

Q: What if I need to have my window treatments repaired?

Answer: Please contact us, as our company does do repairs when it is a possible option.